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DoorSharp - Enabling Retail Science

Enhanced Data & Collaborative Intelligence

DoorSharp is a cloud-based channel management application with pre-defined key performance indicators (KPI's) and reports, built from internal and external information sources, big data insights, and daily operational interactions. Combined into an innovative and easy to use solution for Apparel, Fashion & Retail brands

Data from all your Distribution, Supply, Sales, and Marketing channels are collected in Doorsharp. That data is sorted, analyzed, and made visually clear with Reports, Charts, Graphs, and other Visual Displays

Important external data points like traffic, weather, social media interactions, construction, socio-economic and population information, as well as other events that could affect your channels are added to the internal data

Along with your key operational activities, this data is blended together using our proprietary advanced analytics engine – providing your team with context, trends and analytic insights unavailable previously – allowing you to measure, monitor and interact with all of your sales and distribution channels like never before

DoorSharp - Enhanced Data & Collaborative Intelligence

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