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Helping Retailers, Wholesalers, and Omnichannel Merchants

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Retail, Wholesale, & Omnichannel Objectives with the Technology and Guidance You Need.

One of the most common questions we get is: “I know things can be better in this area of my business and I need help getting to the next level.”

We often approach challenges with a problem-solving mindset:


What should I do?


How should I do it?


How do I keep it going?

But it’s hard to create solutions when you don’t know what your options are. That’s why we’ve created scalable services that get to the heart of the issue. PANDESCO takes your business’s unique structure and objectives and matches them with the best retail technology solutions on the market.

We’re here to help you define the problem, implement the solution, and do it right.

The What:


No matter where you are in your business lifecycle – growth, transition, startup – PANDESCO can help match your needs with our best strategy offerings. We can help with single projects and objectives, or assist you in building a recurring program guided by your principles and PANDESCO’s strategic and retail background.

The How:


From supply chain optimization to product selection, your business needs grow and change over time. Not all change is created equal, and we are here to help you select and implement targeted tech-based solutions to improve your organization’s operational effectiveness like online sales, transaction values, customer retention, year-over-year growth, and more.

Do It Right:

Managed Services

Dive right in with one of PANDESCO’s more in-depth offerings: managed services. Invest in targeted, recurring solutions to help you build better, more efficient processes. Efficiency never has a one-time fix, so as your business grows and changes, we ensure that your processes follow suit, enabling your business to grow and change even better and faster.

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Neil Hicks

The Lifecycle of Fashion Technology

The Lifecycle of Fashion Technology is a walk through the processes and supporting technologies utilized by design and apparel companies. It is short on deep technical content like coding languages, environments and computing hardware and longer on the business functions and data elements used as items are designed, produced and sold. Examples of the solutions used today, insights from industry leaders and visualizations help to make the process clear. This book is geared towards the person interested in the industry and looking to understand it better from a process and systematic perspective, professionals looking to expand their knowledge and students deciding if this industry is right for them.

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